Erasmus in Schools is a nationwide project aimed for all Erasmus students interested in visiting local schools during their stay in Finland. It is a great way to add meaning to one's Erasmus experince by getting to know Finnish culture and schooling system a bit better. International students from Europe will present their country and also increase Finnish students' knowledge of EU's exchange program and encourage them to study abroad.

The main idea of the project is to give European exchange students a chance to visit Finnish schools (comprehensive school grades 1-9 and upper secondary schools).

Goals of the project
  • improve intercultural communication
  • introduce the European dimension into education by making students more aware of similarities and differences in Europe 
  • familiarize Erasmus students and EVS volunteers with the Finnish culture and schooling system - add meaning to the Erasmus experience of the Erasmus students 
  • give Erasmus students and EVS volunteers a chance to present their home country - give Finnish students a chance to get to know other countries from a different perspective
  • increase Finnish students knowledge on EU's exchange programs 
  • encourage Finnish students to study abroad

Erasmus in Schools Project is a part of CIMO's (Centre for International Mobility) program called "Koulu Euroopassa - Eurooppa Koulussa" ( School in Europe - Europe in School) which is implementing the Management Partnership between the European Commission and the Government of Finland.

Project is coordinated by European Movement in Finland (Eurooppalainen Suomi ry) and Erasmus Student Network Finland (ESN) is one of the most important partners. ESN is responsible of informing the Erasmus Students about the possibility to take part in this project and find participants all around Finland. At the same time this project is also one way of implementing SocialErasmus, the international project by ESN AISBL.

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