What is ESN Lappeenranta?

ESN Lappeenranta is the local section at Lappeenranta but we're part of a huge Erasmus Student Network, found in 16 universities in Finland and in 37 countries across Europe! Every country has a national board and additonally, there is an international board. ESN works under the principle of students helping students. 

ESN Lappeenranta organizes tons of different events and free-time activities and everyone's invited! These activities include trips, parties, culture exchanges and other events. There will for sure be something for everyone. Our main mission is to develop exchange student experiences locally and to provide the best possible exchange periods for students in Lappeenranta, introducing them to Finnish culture, food and traditions. We organize trips and parties and a channel to take part in the Finnish student life.

Our goal is to make your time in Lappeenranta as fun and memorable as possible! 

You can find all the information about our events in our Facebook page and here in our webpage. You can also subscribe to our newsletter. Remember also to follow us in Instagram!

Have you met BARRY, the mascot of ESN Lappeenranta? This charming beaver can be found every now and then at our events and he is the face on our logo. You can also find Barry on Facebook. Add him as your friend and he will invite you to all the cool events in Lappeenranta!

Anyone can join ESN Lappeenranta and the membership is only 10€ a year. The membership card gives you access to all the discounts offered by our section, ESN and our partners, all over Europe! To read more about the ESN membership card click here

ESN Lappeenranta current board (2018):

Veeti Vallin President
Anna Nikitina Vice-President
Valtteri Kokko Project Manager
Roman Hyvönen Communications Manager
Sankar Gopalraj Secretary + LR
Alexander Karzov Treasurer
Jarkko Peltonen Trip and Partnership Manager
Hanna Muukkonen  Culture and external affairs Manager


Active members (2018):

Ilja Kotirinta  
Era Kuraja  
Enxhi Minaj  
Sara MB  
Sonja Ahlert  
Lia Hinrichs  
Gabriel Fonseca  
Edison Rama  
Agoston Kiss  
Nafees Ahmad  
America Quinteros  
Marcus Palmu  
Markus Raito  

Your chance to join us!

Would you like to make your stay in Finland even more awesome? Apart from the board and Barry, ESN Lappeenranta also consists a great group of awesome active members. They do a great job with helping organizing events and other tasks. Now it's your chance to join! Active members also get special benefits such as priority registration, special member events and the possibilty to join events on the national level.

Our active members consist of Finnish students, international degree students and exchange students. Being in Finland for just one semester is not a problem, ESN will make your stay even more awesome!

Join us by coming to one of our general meetings or contact us before if you have any questions. Our board and active members form a wonderful group and you definitely won't regret joining!

If you also want to become a part of the ESN Lappeenranta board you will be active in developing and executing new fresh ideas for internationally minded students and will get valuable experience working in an international environment with likeminded people. This is something you will remember for life!