ALOHA! It’s time to bring back the summer and sunshine and join the Hawaii Sitsit Party, presented to you by ESN Lappeenranta. This sitsit will bring together all international students and internationally minded people of Lappeenranta for an awesome party!

The event will take place on Wednesday 4.11 in Kellari (Student Union basement). Put a lei on your neck and join the fun in this semi-academic dinner party including lots of drinking, singing, cheering and eating. 

Sitz party, also known as "sitsit", is a very big part of the Finnish student culture and we urge all the international students to take part in them at least once. It's a unique Nordic tradition that cannot be missing in your Erasmus experience. So come join us for this true Finnish student tradition!


To make the registration easier and faster, use the link below to submit all your information for the sitsit registration. However, to secure your spot, you must come to 3rd lobby and pay. So the first people there who also have submitted their info through the link will get a spot at the sitsit.

Registration link:


Price of the sitz party with ESNcard is 12€ (non-alcoholic 10€) and without ESNcard 15€ (non-alcoholic 13€). The party includes a meal, drinks of your choice, shots and lots of fun! We will take all dietary needs into consideration.

Tickets will be sold (or how long the tickets last) on:
- Monday 26.10 at 10-12 in the 3rd lobby in LUT 
- Tuesday 27.10 at 11-13 in the 3rd lobby in LUT
- Wednesday 28.10 11-13 in the 3rd lobby in LUT

Be fast to reserve your spot as the number of places are limited!

WHAT: ESN Hawaii Sitsit Party
WHEN: Wednesday 4.11 at 19:00
WHERE: Kellari (Student Union basement)
PRICE: With ESNcard 12 € / 10 € (non-alcoholic), without ESNcard 15 € / 13 €
TICKET SALES: 26.10.-28.10. @ 3rd lobby 
DRESSCODE: Hawaii (+ student overalls)


04/11/2015 - 19:00 to 05/11/2015 - 22:45
With ESNcard 12 € / 10 € (non-alcoholic), without ESNcard 15 € / 13 €