Dear members,

On 23rd of November, the annual general autumn meeting of ESN Lappeenranta will be held in Student Union Building room 213.

In the meeting the new board for 2016 will be elected and the direction of the activities for 2016 will be decided. All members are warmly welcome to take part on the meeting. This is your chance to influence ESN Lappeenranta!

Our current ESN board is soon to be changed and we are now looking for new people for next year's board and active team members. Become part of ESN and get great experience in organizing stuff and working in an international environment.

Following positions are open:
- President 
- Vice president
- Treasurer
- Event coordinator
- Trip coordinator
- Secretary 
- PR & Marketing coordinator
- IT coordinator

...and more!

If you want to apply for some of the open positions you can send an application to the current president of ESN Lappeenranta by email: verneri.laukkanen(at) Tell us who you are and why you are applying. The application period ends on 20.11.2015.

TIME 23.11.2015 19:00

The following topics are on agenda:

1§ Opening of the meeting
2§ Calling order
3§ Quorum of the meeting
4§ Approving the agenda
5§ To be noted
6§ Action plan for the year 2016
7§ Budget for the year 2016
8§ Joining and membership fee
9§ Election of the Chairman for next year 2016
10§ Election of the Board for next year 2016
11§ Other issues
12§ Closing of the meeting

23/11/2015 - 19:00 to 24/11/2015 - 18:45