Ten. Ten times now has our vessel cut through the sea.Ten times now have our fierce pirates pillaged and plundered the city of Stockholm, defenseless against our energy. Ten times now, The Pirates of the Baltic Sea has provided some of the best memories and fun for students from all over the seven seas!

So join us once more, Pirates, in this special celebration! The 10th edition of the Pirates of the Baltic Sea has been shaped up to be the best ever. In addition to the evergreens that made our cruise legendary, you will find extra programme on board like the musical Grease and programmed tours of the city of Stockholm. Between tales of Summer Nights and an episode of our Dating Game, you will have the best weekend of your life. Guaranteed. 

What are you waiting for? YOU'RE THE ONE THAT WE WANT, PIRATE!

WHAT: The 10th edition of the Pirates of the Baltic Sea
WHERE: Helsinki - Stockholm - Helsinki
DEPARTURE: Lappeenranta bus leaves in front of LUT / Olympic Terminal Helsinki
WHEN: 03. - 05.04.2016
WHY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVybDMa5LdE 
HOW MUCH: 111€ with ESNcard (get your voucher herehttps://esncard.org/discount/aikamatkat-timetravels by registering your card at http://esncard.org/ !) // 116€ without ESNcard
TICKETS: On sale from 02.02 13:00 https://www.timetravels.fi/all-tours/student-travel/esn-and-student-unions/esn-lappeenranta/esn-lappeenranta-pirates-of-the-baltic-sea-03-04-2016-05-04-2016.html

What is included?
-2 nights onboard and 1 day in Stockholm, capital of Sweden
-Buffet dinner on the first night with large selection of Baltic foods and an open bar
-Stylish Pirates of the Baltic Sea T-shirt
-Accommodation in a shared cabin
-Fun program and party all night long!
-Bus transportation from LUT to Olympic Terminal Helsinki

For an additional price
-Breakfast with lots of variety: 11,50 € per morning
-Buffet dinner on Monday, same as for the first night: 38 €
-The Grease musical (Limited view seats are free of charge but their amount is highly limited, premium seats minimum cost 7,50€ and maximum cost 24,00€ and always include a meal and uninterrupted view of the stage.
-Guided bus tours of the city of Stockholm (2 and 3 hours). A compact sightseeing tour. Stockholm is spread across 14 islands and we will drive through many of them during our tour. On tour you can hear and experience the colourful history of Stockholm from Birger Jarl's time on the 13th century to this day. Vasa Museum and the City Hall are the most popular attractions of Stockholm and you will hear more about these during your tour!
Price 15€/2hours and 20€/3hours.

03/04/2016 - 11:00 to 06/04/2016 - 20:45
111€/116€ (Without ESNcard) + Extra activities
  • Everyone is invited.