Marauders of the Sea, gather 'round! Join your Pirates Lords for the most thrilling, exciting, swashbuckling event of the year!

Seawolves from all around the EAST SEA are coming to celebrate THE PIRATES OF THE BALTIC SEA!
Travel with us on uncharted waters, to reach the unexplored shore of Stockholm, on a journey full of parties and events worthy of the most boisterous Sea Bandit: Themed parties, close encounters of 60 seconds with the most enchanting mermaids Poseidon created (speed dating), Karaoke nights to test your Pirate-y voice and many, many more!

Polish your swords, clean your guns, and wake the landlubbers! The Mighty Baltic Sea and all its dangers is calling your name, beckoning you to adventure!
Let the wind blow our sails and lift the anchors, WE ARE THE PIRATES OF THE BALTIC SEA, and we shall conquer the party! And now let us hear your AAAAARGGHHHHH!!!!!

What: Pirates of The Baltic Sea Cruise to Stockholm
When: 8th - 10th of November
Where: Departure from Helsinki Olympia Terminal – Lappeenranta section's bus departure is from the university
How Much: 111 € per person
WHAT IS INCLUDED: Transportation from Lappeenranta to Helsinki & back, Cruise to Stockholm with cabin accommodation, one buffet dinner

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08/11/2015 - 11:15 to 11/11/2015 - 14:45
What's included: 
  • 1 buffet on the cruise
  • Bus trip from Lappeenranta to Helsinki and back
  • Cool t-shirt
  • Friends from all the other sections in Finland